Our most important competence is our corporate agility.

As ESH, we have the qualifications that enable us to respond quickly and rapidly to changes in our field, both internally and externally, with our business partners’ strategic business needs and our own vision. In order to make our corporate agility sustainable and developable, we continue our activities by focusing on our adaptability, flexibility and ability to be balanced.
As ESH, the awareness of being an institution that has adopted the evolution of our values, behavior and abilities allows our employees to better adapt to evolving situations, to be creative and flexible, while dealing with the complexity, uncertainty and change of the services we offer.
As ESH, commitment to the solution and focus on satisfaction and sustainability are vital requirements for us.

We focus on improving our competence to make our corporate agility sustainable.


As ESH, we provide employees with an environment where they can continuously train and improve themselves to assign operational controls and do a good job. As leadership and management, we become an example and leader to create environments where agility can develop.

Our Defined Goal

As those who embrace corporate agility, we have the insight into what we want to achieve. We strive to create a strong goal by sharing the story we envision with our employees, business partners and stakeholders from different perspectives. While embracing agility in our organization, we encourage and support our teams to know what to expect and to be willing to do what is needed to realize the corporate vision.


We support our employees by creating appropriate environments where they can interact, take priority and take responsibility in order to contribute to the realization of defined corporate goals and objectives and to facilitate their understanding of the future. We encourage our team to participate in the process by ensuring that they have the courage and freedom to make decisions.

Resource Allocation

With the awareness that our actions are more meaningful than our discourses, we strive to ensure that our employees can see which business areas we find more critical. In order to make our agility sustainable and developable, all our employees and business partners can see how we allocate our resources.


In order to support our team to give priority to resource-allocated areas, we try to ensure that managers are also paying attention to resource-allocated areas, and we constantly measure and monitor the progress of our employees to make this happen.

While making these measurements, we also pay utmost importance to the items listed below.

  • How often are our managers involved in the projects? (Weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • What new metrics (qualitative and quantitative) can be used to measure success?
  • The desire to move right makes it easier to measure progress and it is an important reason why they have a clear desire to succeed in this transformation.


We are quite clear, open and transparent about what behaviors are supported and rewarded in our organization. We highly value and pay attention to our employees’ understanding of the reward mechanism and the expansion of their range of motion with predefined criteria.